RealTree Hardwoods HD (per linear yard)
RealTree Hardwoods HD (per linear yard)
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This RealTree Hardwoods HD is sold in multiple linear yards. If you would like  to instead purchase this pattern in 3x5 sheets, click here.

Making a great pattern better is no easy task, but RealTree has done it. New RealTree Hardwoods HD has been updated using RealTree's proprietary High Definition printing process. New RealTree Hardwoods HD is so realistic, it makes you feel like the outdoors when you wear it. You look at it and have a desire to get out your limb trimmers. It's that lifelike. RealTree Hardwoods HD is a great pattern nationwide. In most instances, it's most effective from mid to late winter, then again in early spring. But in many areas the pattern can be used no matter the season. Closely consider the surroundings and situation where you'll be hunting and you, better than anyone, can make the right camo choice. 

RealTree Hardwoods HD NeoMats

  • Insulates in the winter - STAYS COOL IN THE SUMMER
  • Absorbs less than 5% of its own weight in water
  • Tough Cushioned Surface - 1/2" thickness
  • No adhesive needed - Easy Storage
  • Quiets Boat & Protects Finish
  • Easy to clean
  • Floats




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