Mossy Oak Breakup (per 3x5 sheets)
Mossy Oak Breakup (per 3x5 sheets)
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This Mossy Oak Breakup is sold in 3x5 sheets. If you would like to instead purchase this pattern in linear yards,  click here.

The industry standard. A standard set by hunters.

Break-Up has become the pattern by which all others are judged. With its computer-enhanced realistic elements. Break-Up offers a sense of depth and texture that has been unmatched on fabric.

Mossy Oak Breakup NeoMats

  • Insulates in the winter - STAYS COOL IN THE SUMMER
  • Absorbs less than 5% of its own weight in water
  • Tough Cushioned Surface - 1/2" thickness
  • No adhesive needed - Easy Storage
  • Quiets Boat & Protects Finish
  • Easy to clean
  • Floats

Mossy Oak


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