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RealTree Hardwoods
RealTree Hardwoods
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Realtree Hardwoods, obviously from Realtree has been one of the best selling camo patterns for years. It has two versions, Hardwoods which has mostly brown leaves and Hardwoods Green which has mostly green leaves. The Hardwoods kit can be used to reproduce both versions. The kit includes two stencils, four cans of Styx River non-reflective spray paint, and the same instructions offered to OEM's or original equipment manufacturers. Realtree Hardwoods is obviously designed for use in timber environments. Like the rest of the patterns, the stencils are laser cut from sheets of Mylar, designed to last through most any size job, and can be periodically cleaned with lacquer thinner for use on future paint jobs.

Paint Kit is included in the Realtree Hardwood stencil kit.



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