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Styx River Tru-Bark
Styx River Tru-Bark
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TRUE-BARK is one of the first patterns included under the Styx River Brand of stencil kits. Like our licensed patterns, they are available with or without our popular paint. This kit includes 2 stencil layers, 4 cans of Styx River Paint and, directions specific to this pattern. Tru-Bark was designed to work best in flooded timber areas, wooded rivers, and swamps. This pattern is easy and quick to apply. Paint colors included are Black, Fall Brown, and Mud Brown. If you want a different color scheme, you can order stencils only within our stencil kit section, and the colors of your choice from our paint section. There is no added cost for this option. Stencils are made with the exact same grade of Mylar sheets as are our group of licensed patterns. Tru-Bark stencils are roughly 30 x 28 inches.


Style: SRSKTB1


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