Fisher Jon Boat Rescue

Raymond Shaffer and Sons Fisher

Just wanted to send some before and after pictures of my son's 14' Fisher Jon Boat "rescue".  This boat was in BADDD shape when it was gifted to my son.  The transom was rotten and the boat actually had mold and fungus growing all over it!

We pressure washed the boat inside and out and installed a new treated wood transom, but the boat "needed" something more.  I found your stencil kit after some time spent searching the internet on Mack's Prairie Wings.  We are big Mossy Oak fans and I wanted to try to get close to a Mossy Oak Pattern if possible.

It was a pleasant surprise to find out y'all are in Florence, SC!!  We live in North Augusta and I work in the Camden/Bethune area quite often!  It's nice to do business with local folks!

I have to admit, I was a little hesitant to tackle this b/c I didn't want to ruin the looks of the boat.  We were so pleased with how easy the stencils worked and with the color and accuracy of the end result.  We literally painted the boat inside and out in approximately five hours.  We ordered the Mossy Oak Shadow Grass but decided that the "Bottomland" look we got before adding the grass stencil was terrific, so we stayed with that.

I hope you can see the pictures and might be able to use them to promote this wonderful product. 

The first picture is of the boat after we cleaned it and painted the top rail with bed liner paint to give a better gripping surface.


The second picture is after we finished the first stencil on the hull.

The third picture is after we completely finished the second stencil on the hull.  WOWWW!  Unbelievable!  You can see the contrast with the unfinished inside of the boat!


The last picture is of the boat after we finished painting the inside.  Incredible difference!

Thank you so much for such an easy and terrific way to enhance any boat in a short amount of time.